Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga ———————————–

What is it? Great question! 


Chair Yoga incorporates similar poses and movements as typical wellness yoga, but it is done sitting down (hence the name). Almost any typical pose can be modified to work with Chair Yoga.


The purpose of this is to help those suffering from depression, anxiety, and trauma. However, it is also a great option for those with limited mobility.


One of the most important aspects of Chair Yoga is to create an environment of safety and control. Our Trauma-Informed Yoga Practitioner, Julia Townsend, provides detailed instruction for body movement, positions, and breathing but allows each participant in the group to do what aspects they feel comfortable with. 


You have the option to participate in all the instructed movements, or just stick with the ones you are comfortable with. 


In order to create a safe environment, our instructor places the number of chairs (maximum 6) in a circle all facing one another. This eliminates any distractions and creates a feeling of safety knowing there is no one behind you. Each participant has a full view of the room and everyone in it. This helps with cases of trauma and anxiety. 


Some participants may find that the stiller motions trigger their anxiety, so the instructor is able to personalize a routine that keeps them more active. Others may desire a more slow-paced and relaxed routine which is also available. Each person in the room has individual needs and our instructor takes the time to learn them and create a comfortable environment and routine for everyone present! Chair Yoga is a form of healing, and that starts with feeling safe and comfortable. 


In a session, you will experience movement, body awareness, breathing technique, and depending on the size and need of the group sometimes standing movement (while using the chair as a prop/support). 



  • Mondays 9:30 & 12
  • Wednesdays 12
  • Fridays 9:30 & 12


More Info

  • $80/month for weekly sessions 
  • +20% discount on all other bodywork services


There are a limited number of memberships available, so claim your spot today! Call us at (678) 389-1195 for more information or to schedule an appointment time. We look forward to serving you.