Coronavirus Tips for Working Moms

Coronavirus Tips for Working Moms

Let’s face it—being a mother is tough. Being a working mom is hard.  But during a pandemic, it’s ESPECIALLY difficult.

You’ve probably gotten millions of social media posts telling you to enjoy this time with your kids while you homeschool them. But let’s be honest–balancing your sanity, your relationship with your husband, your kids, and NOW your work as a mompreneur in one place is tough. How do you NOT go insane? 

America is putting an even bigger emphasis on social distancing. Now only allowing certain essential businesses to be open. And to our dismay, Starbucks is not one of them.

How can we working moms do it all–care for ourselves, our family, and our work or business under one roof? What is the secret sauce to these other mothers and mompreneurs easily balancing homeschooling and working from home? 

Thanks to Optimized Life here in Kennesaw, our co-founder Brittany gave us all the details of being a mompreneur who works from home in the latest video. Here are her Coronavirus tips for mothers and mompreneurs who now work from home. 

Coronavirus tip 1: Know your priority

In the beginning, your feelings around being able to work from home with your kids more were probably mixed. Because yes, it’s amazing to spend more time with your children as a mom and a business owner. But at the same time,  there are mothers and fathers alike being laid off left and right, desperately looking for work. COVID-19 has really brought the bottom-line of many businesses to the front spot. The unemployment rate is up to 4.4% this time, according to The Guardian

 Besides, is “rest” even a real word when you have children?

It seems like everything in Kennesaw and the world is closed except bills And in this time, it can be difficult to acknowledge the good. But just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible. 


The good is that now, we are forced to pay attention to our real priorities: the physical, mental, and spiritual health of our families. The people we go to work for but sometimes neglect because of work. Oh, the irony. 

Brittany shares that she is letting her family take back focus. In the beginning, it was hard to balance both being a mother and a business owner.

“I’m now spending 3 hours on the business a day and I realize that’s about as much time as I used to spend with the kids,” Brittany shares. 

Among all the changes, Brittany tells us about her reality check from God who said to her: “Your business is not the priority here. I’ve given you three humans to steward to be major contributors to my kingdom.”

And with that, things had to change.


Now that schools in Georgia are closed for the rest of the semester, Brittany and Brandon use their strengths as loving parents to homeschool. 

What worked for Brittany was that she and her husband were accepting change. In the beginning, she would work from 7 am to 5 pm with the kids. After,  she would work 3 hours on Mind and Body and have virtually no time or strength to meet with her husband, another top priority. Now she works with the kids from 7 AM to 1 PM while Brandon works from home managing therapy patients. After 1 PM,  Brittany handles the needs of the patients and Brandon is on daddy duty. 

Coronavirus tip 2: Working moms, don’t fight for productivity 

Everyone on the internet is saying you need to come out of this with a new skill or a new goal, and if you aren’t then you lack discipline. We call bluff.

We understand that people are hurting. People are wondering how they will pay for bills, people are doing the best to take care of their sick relatives. Now is not the time to push productivity when we are just blessed to see another day. 

This isn’t the time to panic and freak out that your work from home schedule isn’t extremely complex or working as well as Amy’s is, or that your son isn’t as obedient as Tim’s son. This is just the time to be. Be with your family. Be with your children. Be at peace in a restless situation because our God is in control. 

While we don’t encourage you to come out of this situation with an entirely new business plan or strategy, we want you to come out of it with a new outlook on life. How delicate it is, how fragile it is, and yet how blessed we are to have a God that will never put us through trials we cannot handle with Him by our side. 

Coronavirus tip 3: However, DO create SOME schedule 

We’re not saying to fight every bleeding second of the day for productivity, but after a mother and wife, you are still a business owner. You’ve still got another job to do, and you want to be able to still take care of your children after this storm passes. 

Create a flexible schedule for you and your children. Meaning, create a schedule that is subject to change. Whatever you do, don’t force a schedule that isn’t working. Don’t force it. Don’t force it. Just. Don’t. 

See what is working for your other working moms and mompreneurs who work from home. Google homeschooling tools and create a schedule based on the templates you see. No person is going to be an expert at this unless they are used to working from home with children.

Even the kids won’t be used to this. They are probably used to seeing a teacher and going to lunchtime with other friends and not being stuck at the house. They’re going to be irritable. Things are going to be different and take some time to adjust. So give the kids time to adjust, but also give yourself time to adapt. 

Coronavirus tip 4: Divide and conquer

Brittany and her husband Brandon are the founders of Mind & Body Christian Health Group, a direct primary care practice in Kennesaw. With 3 kids, it can be difficult to spend time with the kids while also spending time with the business. 

That’s why Brittany and Brandon decided to divide the responsibilities up; when one is homeschooling, the other is making sure our patients are being served. 

Working moms, if you have a partner in this, divide and conquer the responsibilities! For one part of the day, you can let your partner handle the homeschooling, and for the other half part, you can teach life skills, cook with them, or just enjoy playtime with them.

You and your partner can also collaborate on homeschooling. Then, each of you can take a work-from-home day—where you work on your respective parts of your business.

Another thing you can do is to wake up a little earlier if you don’t already. When the kids are asleep or when it’s nap/quiet time is probably the only time working moms get to themselves! Practice waking up a little earlier to get a jump start on the workday. Take that time to either do chores, write down what you want to establish today, or just spend some time meditating and praying for strength and peace for the day to come. 

During this time of self-quarantine and homeschooling the kids, as a working mom, you might have noticed two very important things:

  1. We really take teachers for granted. 
  2. You are most likely arguing a lot with your husband.

Now that you and your partner are spending more time working together to raise your children, it can be easier to be angry, upset, or frustrated with your husband’s shortcomings. While you’re scheduling your work from home hours and your homeschooling hours, don’t forget to schedule in time for building your relationship. The strength of your relationship has never been more important, especially when you’re a quarantined family. We thank God for being with family because we know that there are moms who cannot even go home to their kids right now. But we have to also remember as mothers and fathers that our children can see our every move and fights can be a lot more visible. 

Take some time out to go on dates. Before COVID-19 became more prevalent in Cobb and in Georgia, Brittany and Brandon made it a priority to have weekly dates. They still make the time to schedule their date times, even if it means enjoying homemade cookie dough balls in lieu of fancy chocolate cake.

But if you’re not so much in the mood for homemade, here are a few places that are offering curbside assistance or delivery in Kennesaw.

We know that these times are trying for workers, business owners, and mothers alike. We don’t know what the future holds, but God tells us to cast our cares on him. After all, which of us can add a single hour of our life by worrying? (Luke 12:25). Be patient with yourself, be at peace with the situation, keep your faith alive, and keep your love alive. Things will get better. We will get through this!

Don’t forget to watch the full interview with Brittany and Optimized Life here!

And if you need help with reassurance, we still are offering telehealth services for all our counseling patients. Reach out to us here if you need assistance with family counseling, relationship counseling, or just need a professional to talk to in these trying times.