Kennesaw Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling

4 Ways We Help Couples Thrive Together:

Couples Counseling

We have licensed counselors and pastoral counselors that specialize in marriage and pre-marital counseling using evidenced based therapy plans. Sessions are usually either 45 or 60 minutes. We offer self-pay rates starting at $95. We also accept most major insurance plans and EAPs if there is a diagnosis directly impacting the relationship. Please note that insurance companies only cover sessions where the diagnosis is the primary focus of the session, so most relationship counseling sessions are not applicable for claims. Most couples are seen by a counselor on average for 12 weeks. Appointments are conducted weekly or biweekly. Some couples may need fewer sessions while others may need more. Each couple’s journey is unique, and goals are formed with our expert therapists.

Relationship Skills Classes

Skills courses are great options for clients that 1) would like to supercharge their couples counseling, 2) need a lighter financial commitment, or 3) need greater flexibility in their treatment. Our therapists teach weekly and biweekly classes on research based foundational principles for having a solid romantic relationship based on friendship. You can join anytime after a 15 minute phone consultation. The classes are scientifically proven to effectively increased fondness and admiration for each other based on attendance and application of homework between sessions. Classes repeat on a 10 week cycle, so you can always make up any sessions that you miss at a later date.

Fitness Plans for Couples

Research has shown that couples that share in exercise and fitness together form deeper fondness for and sexual attraction to one another. Through our manual therapy & corrective exercise department, our certified personal trainers and revelation wellness instructors can review your health histories, your fitness goals, and perform a functional movement screening during an intake session. From there, fitness plans (and if required for pain, manual therapy treatments plans) are customized to your lifestyle and goals so that you and your partner have a guide to workouts together at home, at the gym, or in our office as training sessions. Weekly, biweekly, or monthly plans and check-in appointments are available.

Primary Care + Functional Medicine

Our medical department offers membership based primary care services that gives you a traditional route for seeking a treatment plan for any anxiety, depression, or hormonal imbalances that one or both partners may be experiencing. At the same time, and at no added cost to our primary care members, our medical providers spend more time with you to determine if any functional medicine tests would be appropriate. The most common one ordered for anxiety and depression patients is the neurotransmitter test kit. Once the results are back, our doctor reviews your results with you and guides you with lifestyle, nutrition, and supplementation changes that need to be made to balance your body and mood naturally. Biological issues can heavily impact the quality of any relationship, especially between romantic partners.