Does Insurance Cover Marriage Counseling?

Does Insurance Cover Marriage Counseling?

Does insurance cover marriage counseling? This is a question we receive on a regular basis. You would think if your insurance covers counseling services that any service offered by that provider would be included, right? However, this is not the case with marriage counseling.

Marriage counseling is not covered under most insurance plans. For counseling services to be covered under insurance, there must be a diagnosable issue the client is receiving services for and being addressed in all sessions. These kinds of issues are things such as anxiety or depression. Having marital issues that need to be addressed is not something that is actually a diagnosis.

There are situations where a client may be suffering from, for example, anxiety and it is deemed necessary for the counselor to bring in the spouse of this client for couple’s therapy. In these sessions, the issue of anxiety is the only thing being addressed. They are not addressing problems in the marriage and using tools or exercises to strengthen the marriage. This is purely focused on the client that has been diagnosed with anxiety and the spouse is a part of the counseling session. This is the only time “couple’s therapy” is covered under insurance because the session if focused entirely on the client and their diagnosis.

Sometimes, employers offer to cover marriage counseling. This program is separate from insurance and is called an EAP – employee assistance program. You can check with your employer to see if they offer this. We do have clients that are seen in our practice for marriage counseling under this program.

Marriage is a main focus of this practice. We hold speaking events in the community about marriage and we believe in strong, healthy marriages that last. We want to serve you in this way and help you and your spouse navigate through hard times that many marriages eventually face. We hope this helps you better understand, as an honest and ethical practice, why when receiving services at Mind and Body Christian Health Group that we are unable to file marriage counseling services with your insurance.

Be blessed and thank you for allowing us to serve you!