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Reduced Healthcare Costs: 80-90% of all healthcare needs can be met by a primary care physician if they are available, which reduces visits to specialists and the ER. Wholesale labs and prescriptions are also included in the membership, further reducing costs.
Reduces Absenteeism: Employees can be seen the same or next day in person or by video call. This decreases the amount of time your employees need to take time off of work for sickness or routine appointments.
Recruiting Advantage: High quality employees sign on and stay on when they have great benefits. With membership at Mind & Body Christian Health Group, they have higher accessibility to their doctor/nurse practitioner and no office visit fees!

What is Direct Primary Care and How does it help my business?

Direct Primary Care is a membership based practice model that reduces out of pocket healthcare costs, gives greater access to our medical doctor and nurse practitioner, and helps employees stay healthy so they can continue to work.

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What are the membership fees?

$100 enrollment fee per person. $80/month per employee ages 22 and over $60/month per employee 21 and under

Can I split the fee with the employees?

Most employers find covering the full membership fee offers the most value to their employees in terms of retention, however, if you would like to split the monthly cost with your employee, you can choose the percentage split as a private agreement. This would be reflected as a payroll deduction in your accounting software that you will need to set up independently. The card or bank account on file with us will be charged the full amount each month.

How do we sign up our company?

You can either directly work with one of our DPC for Business Representatives or fill out the consultation form at the bottom of this page. She will connect with you to obtain the business’ basic information, the name and email address of the designated plan administrator, customize your invoicing dates, and put a card or bank account on file. Once this is put in our system, she will give you a custom URL sign up page that you can begin using immediately to register your team.

How do I add employees?

Your company will have a unique patient registration page. The URL will be given to you to email or text to the employees you deem as eligible for this benefit. They can sign up within 5 minutes from their phones! Once they input all their information and hit submit, they will have an active membership beginning on the 1st of the next month.

How do I remove employees?

When you sign your company up with us, you will designate an administrator that can log in to the system and remove them. Alternatively, you can notify our medical office assistant, and she can terminate the membership for you.

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