Online Counseling is as Good as an In-Person Therapy Appointment

Online Counseling is as Good as an In-Person Therapy Appointment

When obstacles to in-office sessions arise, online counseling appointments are a great alternative. Work hours, rural towns, natural weather hazards like ice and storms, immunocompromised individuals, or even Public Health concerns like COVID-19 are all barriers to being seen in an office. However, these are simply what they have been stated to be: obstacles. Thankfully, we can navigate around these with research and evidence based alternatives effectively and smoothly.

Even if the list above has no bearing on the choice for online therapy, some people may prefer meeting digitally with a therapist rather than driving to a location. It can be easier on your schedule, save you money on gas, and allow you to meet with your counselor in the comfort of your own home or office.

With licensed professional counselors, licensed social workers, and licensed marriage and family therapists, licensure limitations require that the client is physically in Georgia AND the therapist is also physically in Georgia for a session to be considered legal. If your therapist has additional licensures in other states, the laws may differ on what can be offered legally.

At Mind & Body Christian Health Group, we have several licensed professional counselors as well as pastoral counselors that can perform online counseling for you within Georgia state lines.

For years, we have been helping and serving our clients that are facing the obstacle list above by providing easy and simple telemental health alternatives through video conferencing on a SUPER EASY platform (and if that doesn’t work out for technical reasons–or you want to make use of your LONG traffic filled commute in Atlanta, we also offer phone sessions). These sessions cover the full range of counseling needs: Anxiety & Depression, PTSD, Marriage & Family, Grief & Trauma, Christian Focused, Addictions, Career, and Healthy Lifestyles. Often, these sessions are also covered by insurance benefits, and we will verify what your benefits are specifically prior to starting.

Online Therapy is an Effective Alternative to Traditional Mental Health and we, as a practice, are fully onboard with bringing quality service to clients ALL over the state of Georgia. When you call the office, let them know that you are opting for an online session, and our first impressions specialist will be able to assist you in scheduling, registering, and passing along your insurance information to our administrative assistant for the counseling department.

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