Orthopedic Massage Therapy


Massage Therapy + Corrective Exercise

Massage therapy coupled with corrective exercise integrates therapeutic treatments of the body and the mind through scientific and evidence-based approaches. It is now widely accepted that human touch is integral to the health of an individual. Some find this touch in personal ways with their family and friends, others through trained and licensed professionals, and some gain human touch through personal and professional sources. Your therapist at Mind & Body Christian Health Group will make decisions based on your feedback to create an individualized treatment plan to address your goals and pain through orthopedic massage therapy, stretching, and corrective exercise instructions.


89 Percent of Massage Therapy recipients report a decrease in pain after their session.

50 million patients are referred by medical doctors to receive massage therapy per year


1 in 3 Americans receive massage therapy sessions each year.


Massage Therapy & Corrective Exercise Treatments are great for helping…

Chronic Pain
Many people seek massage therapy services to address their chronic pain symptoms. Integrating massage therapy into standard treatment for pain conditions, clients frequently report improvements in overall amount and intensity of pain experienced through regular (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) sessions.
Anxiety and Depression
Massage therapy can improve mood and temporarily relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression when used as the sole treatment. By combining it with talk therapy, supplementation, and/or medication, the effects of a massage can last longer.
Athletic Performance
Regular massage reduces the risk of soft-tissue injuries like strains and sprains, reduces recovery time of a current injury, and also helps the body maintain its ideal range of motion at each joint. It is important for pre-event preparation, post-event recovery, and between multiple events/games to keep the body of the athlete in its best state of health.
Labor Intensive Workers
People that work in labor intensive settings involving repeated motions can benefit from regular massage to keep them out of pain and working. Plumbers, hair stylists, construction workers, garage door installers, and others have the potential for overuse injuries, which can cause pain that regular massage can help alleviate.


The American Pregnancy Association notes that prenatal massage is safe throughout the entire pregnancy with a trained therapist. After 20 weeks, a prenatal massage is performed in a side-lying position primarily on the left side. Massage for a pregnant woman can help with physical discomfort and swelling associated with pregnancy. Some women will need a doctor’s clearance before a prenatal massage if there is a history of preeclampsia, pregnancy induced hypertension, preterm labor, severe swelling, high blood pressure, or high risk pregnancies.


Massage therapy is a powerful healthcare tool that is beneficial when there is solid professional relationship between the client and the therapist. The caring and comforting interaction yields many health benefits: mood improvement, range of motion improvements, body awareness, increased energy, lowered blood pressure, and lower presence of stress hormones.


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Therapy Pricing:

We offer two types of sessions:

1. General Wellness — Therapeutic Massage for clients that are not experiencing any pain or injury. This session type includes sports and pre-natal massage for healthy individuals.

$25 per 15 minute increment ranging from 1/2 hour to 2 hour sessions.

30 minute appointment is $50

60 minute appointment is $100

2. Manual Therapy with Corrective Exercise for clients that are experiencing pain and would like to address that pain.

The initial session is scheduled as a 60 minute appointment for $100 and includes orthopedic assessment, hands on therapy, corrective exercises, and home care exercise instructions. A treatment plan will be discussed and decided based on the intake session, the schedule, and the budget allotted toward treatment.

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