RISE - Guided Health Webinars

RISE Guided Health Webinars

Growing. Together. Becoming Closer.

Are you looking for a new way to improve your health and live life at its fullest potential? Rise is an online webinar subscription service that offers content from every perspective of health. From physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational perspectives we offer topics on marriage principles as well as healthy living tips! Join us today so you can start the journey towards fulfilling your full potential – it’s never too early or late to get started with improving yourself in any area possible.


Evidenced Based Video Modules with Worksheets.

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Who is this membership for?



Rise is a revolutionary project that helps you grow your mental, emotional, physical health and relationships through scientifically researched activities. If you are looking to become more self aware and want the best relationship tools available then this membership has everything for you!



How much does a membership cost?

It’s only $14.99 per month billed monthly through Vimeo where you can also try a module out by renting it on Vimeo for 1 week!



How do I sign up for membership?



It’s very simple! Go to: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/riseguidedhealth to subscribe.

We house all of our videos on Vimeo so they are easily accessible at anytime!

You have two options for viewing subscribed videos on your mobile device.

On the Vimeo app, you can download it to your phone or tablet and log in with a username and password before navigating to Watch Later queue where you’ll find all of the purchased titles available for viewing.

In case that’s not an option, open up your web browser on any device (phone/tablet/computer)and go to vimeo.com Once logged into your account, choose “Purchases” from top right corner menu, which will show all subscriptions ordered including those under “Watch later”.



Do I have to be a member to get access to the trainings?


There are two ways you can get access to the trainings. Firstly, as a monthly subscriber, and secondly by purchasing one-time tickets that allow only you to watch 1 video training for 1 week per rental.


Am I locked into a contract?



Nope. Feel free to cancel at any time through your vimeo settings when you are logged in.



What is the format of the membership?



Video modules are uploaded and added to the Vimeo on Demand page: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/riseguidedhealth . In each module, you will get an inspiring video with a follow along exercise that your presenter will explain and help you incorporate into your life. As a subscriber, you can access previous modules as you find them applicable for what you are going through right now.


Topics covered include

  1. Foundational principles in relationships
  2. Coping strategies for depressive and anxious thoughts/emotions
  3. How to understand and enhance your attachment style
  4. Meditation/Progressive Muscle Etc
  5. Personality type
  6. Christian living
  7. Healthy Living
  8. Body Pain and functionality (tissue health)
  9. Sex



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