RISE Community

RISE Community

Growing. Together.

Join a community whose mission is to look upward, inward, and outward to be better each day through online encounters that discuss health from every angle: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational.

Each day, week, and month is an opportunity to grow and RISE. This is a community of people that are seeking to be ALL that they were created to be through relationship to God, self, and others.

For an example, see the video below:

How much does a membership cost?



It’s only $49 per month billed monthly OR $499 per year if paid in full!


How do I sign up for membership?

It’s very simple! We use PayPal Subscription Billing. Choose your option below. We will be notified of your enrollment and within 48 business hours communicate by email with a welcome email.




Do I have to be a member to get access to the trainings?



Yes. We want to keep our community private so that people can get real and vulnerable if they want with each other.


Am I locked into a contract?


Nope. Feel free to cancel at any time. Just email rise@mindandbodygroup.com

Please note though: we do not pro-rate a yearly membership if you would like to cancel your membership midyear.


What is the format of the membership?


Twice monthly, a Module will be posted with accompanying exercises to the members page and facebook page.


Additional modules may be posted during the month depending on the current themes.