RISE Community

RISE Community

Growing. Together. Becoming Closer.

Join a community whose mission is improving relationships by looking upward, inward, and outward to be better each day through online encounters that discuss health from every angle: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational. Each day, week, and month is an opportunity to grow and RISE. This is a community of people that are seeking to be ALL that they were created to be through relationship to God, self, and others.


Evidenced Based Video Modules with Worksheets.

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Who is this membership for?

Rise is a very exciting project that aims to help you grow your relationship, mental, physical, and spiritual health. So, this is for the person that is looking to enhance their relationships, spirit, sex life, body, mind, and emotions. If you are a person that wants to become more self aware and to be equipped with evidence based and scientifically researched activities to improve each aspect of health, then this membership is for you.

How much does a membership cost?

It’s only $14.99 per month billed monthly through PayPal Subscriptions.

How do I sign up for membership?

It’s very simple! Click the button below that says “Start Your Membership.”

We use PayPal Subscription Billing.

Do I have to be a member to get access to the trainings?

Yes. We want to keep our community private so that people can get real and vulnerable if they want with each other.

Am I locked into a contract?

Nope. Feel free to cancel at any time through your settings when you are logged in.

What is the format of the membership?

Modules are uploaded and added to the members only page. In each module, you will get an inspiring video with a follow along exercise that your presenter will explain and help you incorporate into your life. As a member, you can access previous modules as you find them applicable for what you are going through right now. Topics covered include

  1. Foundational principles in relationships
  2. Coping strategies for depressive and anxious thoughts/emotions
  3. How to understand and enhance your attachment style
  4. Meditation/Progressive Muscle Etc
  5. Personality type
  6. Christian living
  7. Healthy Living
  8. Body Pain and functionality (tissue health)
  9. Sex

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