Cassie Smeltzer, LCSW

Cassie Smeltzer, LCSW

Professional Counselor

Cassie is a constant student of culture. She was exposed to many cultural differences while growing up near large Amish and Mennonite communities in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Born in a large family, she was the middle of three children, prior to her adopted sister and autistic adopted brother joining the family.  

Cassie spent an enormous amount of her formative years experiencing the cultural variances of surrounding communities while appreciating how her family’s dynamics often made them the home and safe haven for people in need. With her parents breaking free of abusive childhoods, she was raised in a Christian environment. Cassie was taught the value of servant leadership at a very young age.

Always one to smile, Cassie spent many hours volunteering with her church and community organizations while excelling in school. However, the small town of Fort Wayne couldn’t contain her effervescent personality and Cassie ventured on her first mission trip to Mexico when she was 14 years old. She returned to Mexico five more times and spent summers serving internationally.

Cassie’s drive stems from her self-employed father, as she obtained her cosmetology license to pay for college. Cassie got a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University in Sociology in 2010. She graduated from Tulane University the following year, while spending a semester in India, with a Masters in Social Work and a never-ending love for New Orleans beignets and the expressive brilliance of brass bands.

Cassie has been a servant to youth and families involved in the juvenile justice system, sick and homebound elders, homeless Veterans, parents and children involved with the department of children and family services, youth and adults with addictions, special needs youth and everyday people who just need an inviting ear and warm smile.

Schedule an appointment with Cassie and ask what she loves most about New Orleans. Start your session by enjoying her funny theory of how it’s the only city where the clarinet is a pleasant instrument.


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