Emily Labutta, Student Counselor

Emily Labutta, Student Counselor

Emily Labutta is a Student Counselor at Liberty University where she is earning her master’s
degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She has her bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and
English Writing from Wheaton College. She is supervised by Stephanie Marshall, Licensed
Professional Counselor.

She has already passed the National Counseling Examination, which assesses counselors for
competency to practice. This exam is often taken AFTER earning a masters degree. She is a student member of the American Counseling Association.

Emily adheres to a person-centered approach. Often we come to believe we are not good
enough or unlovable, especially through experiences we have in childhood. Yet each person has
within themselves a dramatic capacity for positive growth. Through authentic connection with
empathy and unconditional positive regard, each person can grow and step more fully into the
self they want to be.

Previously, Emily was a prosecuting attorney for Carroll County and Cherokee County in
Georgia. Through seeing the pain in the world, she was moved to change careers and hold
space for the hurting. In her free time, Emily enjoys running trails in the mountains where she
feels in tune with God’s creation and uses physical challenge to forge mental strength.