Hannah Salsberry

Hannah Salsberry


It has often been said (half jokingly) that I was born with “balloons on my feet” because of the ever changing, wide range of interests and experiences I have had in my lifetime. With a background in psychology, cosmetology, floral design, and suicide prevention/mental health advocacy, it has always been a lifelong passion of mine to use my creativity and appreciation for the gift of life to help others. Using that creativity, combined with my passion for mental health has allowed me to work in many different settings from the inner city to rehabilitation centers to high end hair salons to retail to everything in between.

Overcoming various obstacles in my own life has shown me that mental health does not discriminate and that it is something that can affect anyone. As a Crisis Counselor for the online platform Crisis Text Line, I have gained a true desire to help connect others to the resources they need to heal and overcome their own struggles. I truly see being the first point of contact as a blessing and a gift, because I do my best to show each person that they are valuable and worthy of the help they are seeking. I have a passion for maternal mental health and the foster care system especially. My desire is to leave every encounter and conversation with the confidence that I have helped make someone’s day a little better, a little brighter, and their spirit a little lighter.

My husband and I live in the local area with our two young daughters. In our free time you can find us enjoying the outdoors, going to the park, doing arts and crafts, cooking meals together, reading, going to the library, and continuing our search for the best sushi in Atlanta!