Julia Townsend, RYT500

Yoga Teacher

Julia is a Christ following yogi interested in helping spread a little more joy to this world. She is a wife and busy mom of three boys. She began practicing yoga in 2018 during her third pregnancy. She explains that “yoga was a way for me to decompress and relax. As I began to struggle with disordered eating and compulsive exercise, yoga became even more instrumental in my life. I have OCD with panic disorder and have struggled with anxiety my entire life. Yoga is one tool that has been tremendously helpful to me.”

 She holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Kennesaw State University in human services and sociology. She has a special interest in trauma informed yoga and has completed a trauma informed yoga certification through My Vinyasa Practice as of June of 2021. Yoga can be a powerful tool in helping people process trauma and she is excited to continue learning how to help others overcome trauma responses through yoga. Julia is also pursuing advanced certifications in Yoga Therapy, a process that takes several years to complete. She is excited to help others that are dealing specifically with anxiety, depression, and trauma.

She has been a follower of Christ since a young age and has found that her faith and her yoga practice are integral to one another. While never pushing her beliefs on anyone, she teaches yoga as the Holy Spirit guides her during sessions and in normal everyday life. She hopes that everyone she serves will be able to find enjoyment in and feel uplifted from participating in yoga practice with her.

Julie says about herself, “I am a huge nerd!” She loves Star Wars, Marvel, Final Fantasy, and many other “geeky” things. She reads as much as she possibly can (being a mom of three!). She enjoys baking and cooking and wants to write a cookbook one day.



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