Kelly Wolfe, LPC

Kelly Wolfe, LPC

Professional Counselor

Kelly holds a bachelor’s degree from Auburn University, and is an honors graduate from Lancaster Bible College earning a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She is currently licensed by the state of Georgia as a Professional Counselor.

She specializes in:

Pre Martial
Relationship Issues
Divorce Care
Betrayal recovery (loved one with addiction, emotional abuse, adultery)
Individuals/Couples/Adolescent (12 and up)

Kelly’s counseling experience and specialties range dramatically in scope, but at the core of her work is the emphasis on relationships. She believes that human beings are wired for connection, and through connection we become our most authentic and best selves. Relationships have the incredible power to both wound us and to heal us, and the counseling relationship can sometimes provide a corrective experience needed to restore what’s been lost or broken. She’s an advocate for hope, healing, growth, and change.

Kelly believes that her biggest asset as a therapist is not just the formal training received, but her valuable life experience and personal journey that God is using to help others. Kelly adheres to a biopsychosocial approach, which means that issues are often a result of (and maintained by) a combination of biological, psychological, relational, and environmental aspects. From this perspective, rarely is there a single source responsible for one’s problems. Kelly also holds a Christian and biblical worldview which provides the foundation for everything she does. Although some progress can occur outside of a spiritual perspective, she believes that mental, emotional, and relational health is maximized when spiritual health is at the core of treatment.

Kelly has always been active and involved in some form of athletics over her life span. She enjoys watching various sports and is currently committed to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to stay physically and mentally healthy. She seeks any opportunity to be outdoors and finds solace in walking the various trails in Cherokee county.

She has one daughter and looks forward to spending time playing, exploring, and connecting with her child. She finds much pleasure in activities that inspire creativity, imagination, and growth. She values time with close friends and loved ones. Her adventurous nature and appetite for growth and connection keeps her grounded and continuously evolving into the person God created her to be.