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Primary Medical Care

We group our patients into two categories:
-Member Patients
-Fee For Service Patients

Members pay a monthly fee that covers all in-person and digital visits with our doctor or nurse practitioner. They also receive wholesale prices on all labs, medications, supplements, and procedures. If you are interested in more information about membership, click here.

Fee For Service Patients pay per visit and pay retail prices for labs, medications, supplements, and procedures. An online appointment is $60. If you would like to schedule this type of appointment, you will need to register and pay a $30 deposit that counts toward the appointment fee. The remaining $30 will be charged at the time of the appointment to the card you place on file. Our medical office assistant can assist you in scheduling this appointment. Please click here to register.

Most appointments can be scheduled within 48-72 hours after registration.

Counseling & Talk Therapy

We group our clients into two categories:
-Relationships, Marriage, Family, & Life Stress Clients
-Mental & Behavioral Health Clients

Relationships, Marriage, Family, & Life Stress Clients usually are self-pay clients because insurance does not cover these type of appointments. Our counselors are often speaking in the community about these topics. We have two pastoral counselors and three licensed professional counselors that would be wonderful if this is your need.

Mental & Behavioral Health Clients are seen as either self-pay clients or we can submit insurance claims for the sessions. These are clients that meet diagnostic criteria according to the DSM-5, which is a large book that details the symptoms of mental behavioral health disorders like depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, personality disorders and so on. These clients can only be paired with our licensed professional counselors. If you have ever been diagnosed with one of these, or you think you may be experiencing something similar, a licensed professional counselor is the person you will need to see.

Please click here for more information on our counseling prices.

Brandon Browne, LPC

Brandon Browne, LPC

Clinical Director, Licensed Professional Counselor

Brandon Browne is a Licensed Professional Counselor. He has been counseling professionally since 2009. Brandon specializes in helping relationships thrive, improving individuals’ mood, and assisting
Brittany Browne, MS, LMT, CPT

Brittany Browne, MS, LMT, CPT

Executive Director, Licensed Massage Therapist

Brittany earned a Bachelor's degree from Georgia Southern University double majoring in English and Spanish and a Master's in International Affairs from Georgia Institute of
Dr. Katherine Taylor, MD, PhD

Dr. Katherine Taylor, MD, PhD

Medical Doctor

Dr. Taylor loves to travel around the world and experience new adventures. She has swam with sharks, chased tornadoes, and visited a whole list of
Melissa Munna, APRN

Melissa Munna, APRN

Nurse Practitioner

Melissa has always had a strong desire to help people and a long-time fascination with the world of medicine, so she wasted no time in
Stephanie Marshall, LPC

Stephanie Marshall, LPC

Professional Counselor

Stephanie Marshall is a Licensed Professional Counselor focusing on adults, marriage, family health, children, early adolescence, and the relationship between children and parents. She earned
Terry Cantrell, CPC

Terry Cantrell, CPC

Certified Pastoral Counselor

Terry is a graduate of Georgia State University with a degree in psychology.  Following college he worked for Lockheed Aeronautical Systems Company in Marietta as