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Welcome to Our Practice

Mind & Body Christian Health Group offers primary care and counseling services for the whole family. We work with children, adolescents, young adults, and older adults. Our team will work to help you achieve your health goals through functional, holistic, evidence-based, and cost effective treatments.

primary care

Keeping You Healthy

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is healthcare simplified. With full price transparency, more access to your doctor, and removing the middleman (insurance) from your care, our healthcare providers can thoroughly assess, counsel, treat, diagnose, and make recommendations for a better, healthier lifestyle. In sum, they can actually be YOUR doctor. DPC doctors take on a limited patient panel. At our practice, the patient panel is capped at 700. The average physician has 2,300 patients! A study has shown that in order for a doctor to care for a 2,300 patient panel thoroughly, they would have to be seeing patients 21.4 hours every day of the week! So, a smaller patient load translates to better care.

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Helping one life at a time

Our practice uses evidence based treatments in counseling to make sure that you see tangible results after sessions. By having a plan for care, you can progress beyond whatever issue is currently blocking your way forward. Our sessions are done individually, as couples, as families, and as groups depending on the desired outcome.

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What We Do

Our ultimate goal is for you to know how valuable you and your health are.


What people say about us. Here are comments from individuals who have visited Mind & Body Christian Health Group.

What people say “I love this business!!! Health is a balance between physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, occupational, social and financial areas of life! Mind & Body Christian Health Group truly seeks to help balance many of these areas in your life!! Their attention to detail and customer service is top notch! All of the therapists in each specialty seek to help you leave better than when you came in! I’m so impressed at everything from their timeliness and services to the way they decorate!”

-Sabrina Z. Mrs. Georgia America 2019

What People Say “I’ve referred several individuals for counseling and all have conveyed über satisfaction with the approach and treatment. Their balanced style of professional and personal position them to influence people towards health and wholeness. If you are looking for a safe and competent healthcare provider, Mind and Body Christian is the place to go.”

-Andy Smith Campus Pastor of Influencers Church in Kennesaw

What People Say “If you are considering working with Brittany or her colleagues at Mind & Body Christian, I highly recommend you make an appointment and meet with them right away. You will be blessed and thrilled that you did (and missing out if you don’t!). Thank you Brittany and Brandon for being a blessing in my life!”

-Selene B. Client since 2016

Our Team

Since marrying in 2011, Brandon and Brittany Browne have had the dream to open a business of their own that would serve health needs in their community. By combining their fields, Mind & Body Christian Health Group was born. The mission of the business is to optimize mental and physical health first through Christian counseling. They seek quality, efficiency, and integrity in every business decision they make and hope to help you attain your health goals.

Brandon Browne, LPC

Brandon Browne, LPC

Clinical Director, Licensed Professional Counselor

Brandon Browne is a Licensed Professional Counselor. He has been counseling professionally since 2009. Brandon specializes in helping relationships thrive,
Brittany Browne, MS, LMT, CPT

Brittany Browne, MS, LMT, CPT

Executive Director, Licensed Massage Therapist

Brittany earned a Bachelor's degree from Georgia Southern University double majoring in English and Spanish and a Master's in International
Dr. Katherine Taylor, MD, PhD

Dr. Katherine Taylor, MD, PhD

Medical Doctor

Dr. Taylor loves to travel around the world and experience new adventures. She has swam with sharks, chased tornadoes, and

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Functional Medicine

Many healthy people

Our Goal:Many Healthy People

As healthcare providers, we have been able to help many people achieve new levels of health. We include every part of a person when we care for them: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Our experienced team collaborates to make this possible for each person that comes through our doors.

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