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Simply put, we are on a large scale mission to bring Christian Healthcare to as many communities as we can beginning with Kennesaw, GA. While we are a business, our heart is ministry.

  • MINDFUL: Keeps the WHO and WHY above the WHAT and HOW.
  • NOBLE: Possesses a high level of integrity in all areas of life and allows others to hold him/her accountable.
  • IMAGINATIVE: Joyfully willing to collaborate, explore, and discover ideas with others as image bearers of the Creator.
  • OPTIMISTIC: Hopes and trusts our Sovereign God to work out all things for our good.
  • BRAVE: Moves forward despite fear, doubt, or insecurity.
  • DETERMINED: Sets out to achieve his/her God-given mission regardless of the obstacles.
  • DEPENDABLE: Cares enough to be on time, fully present, and focused on the well-being of the client/patient during each interaction.
  • YIELDING: Is ready to exchange his/her plans for God’s and also has the humility to heed His wisdom.

Mind & Body is so much more to me than a job, it is another family, not only with my co-workers but with our patients! Our practice is all about community and relationship and putting God first, which cultivates the most healthy and rewarding work environment I have ever worked in. Coming to work is not a have to for me, it is a huge get to, and I always leave smiling even if I didn’t start my day that way!

Melissa Munna Family Nurse Practitioner


Mind and Body is supportive work environment in which staff is encouraged to discuss both one’s triumphs and challenges. This let’s us grow and develop so we can serve our community well. The directors genuinely care for and value their employees as people first and employees second, promoting the philosophy that a healthy and supportive work environment allows employees to truly serve others well.

Courtney Mann Licensed Professional Counselor


Being a part of the team here has impacted me in so many positive ways and has helped me grow towards a better version of self and purpose. So, if you are looking for a place that genuinely cares for you and are always willing to listen, a place that chooses to focus on your strengths and needs and fosters growth, then you have found a family with Mind and Body Christian Health Group.

Ibinabo Lilly-Tariah Medical Office Assistant

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