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Christian Counseling

Christian counseling is a tradition that has existed for over 2,000 years and involves loving pastoral care that is rooted in the Holy Scriptures. This form of counseling is a gift to both the church and the world; facilitating the care and cure that Jesus promised. Since its inception, Christian counseling has been seen as a window to see the love-giving and life-changing encounter with Christ that the devoted yearned for.

At Mind & Body Christian Group, we aim to stimulate spiritual growth in our clients and encourage them to devote their lives to Jesus. Our group achieves this goal by establishing values according to biblical principles, as well as encouraging freedom; confessing sins and experiencing God’s forgiveness. We model Christian ideals, character, beliefs, and way of life. In addition, we are unashamed of the gospel and present the good news.


PracticalChristian counseling can be applied in many areas of treatment and be used to form a powerful therapy program. Mind & Body Christian Group provides Christian counseling services for clients who suffer from PTSD, weight loss issues, substance abuse, grief, trauma, family problems, pre-marital and marriage issues, anxiety, and depression.

Goal-OrientedClients often come to us in a state of crisis. They may be shaken, in pain, and having difficulty with finding solutions to their problems. Our goals at this level are centered on the client and involve reducing symptoms, lessening pain, resolving the crisis, and finding stability. Once the crisis is over and the client has stabilized his or her emotions, our Christian counselors proceed by improving patterns of behavior, beliefs, and the client's environment. At Mind & Body Christian Group, our ultimate goal is to help clients develop or grow in maturity and intimacy with Jesus Christ. We also help clients become faithful servants of their families, churches, and cities.

IntegrationOur Christian counselors' worldview is determined by scripture. Integrating Christianity and psychology is a passion of ours. We integrate faith into psychology, with Holy scriptures occupying a foremost place in everything that we do. We see ourselves and clients as being in need of Jesus Christ. We have a good understanding of mental health and understand it also through a Christian's perspective. That’s why we infuse scripture into treatment and aim to glorify Jesus. Mind & Body Christian Group operates using the best of both worlds. We have in-depth knowledge of how the human brain, trauma, culture, social influences, environment… impact people's thoughts, behavior, and emotions. We also understand how separation from God and sin can lead to disorder and illness. Therefore, we operate with biology, psychology, sociology, and spirituality in mind.

Soul CareAt Mind & Body Christian Health Group, we strive to care for the whole person, embody the beliefs of the Christian community, and personify biblical values. We are committed to bringing honor to Jesus Christ. We aim to help each client attain peace, vision, security, and strength that are all found in Jesus. Jesus shows us at the tomb of Lazarus that God knows the cries of our souls. When we are in pain, Jesus weeps. Suffering is a universal part of the human experience. When we suffer, this leads to experiencing the deeper things of God. We yearn to be a part of your discovery of God's love during the hardest times. We aim to provide soul care for our clients by promoting the healing effects of faith. We believe that God is transforming you and maturing you every second, minute, and hour.

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