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Please give us as much detail about your psychological testing needs. Our receptionist will call to go over any initial questions you may have and to schedule a time for you to speak with Dr. Marshall for 15 minutes regarding the type and amount of testing needed.

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What people say about us. Here are comments from individuals who have visited Healtro.

What people say “I love this business!!! Health is a balance between physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, occupational, social and financial areas of life! Mind & Body Christian Health Group truly seeks to help balance many of these areas in your life!! Their attention to detail and customer service is top notch! All of the therapists in each specialty seek to help you leave better than when you came in! I’m so impressed at everything from their timeliness and services to the way they decorate!” -Sabrina Z. Mrs. Kennesaw 2018

What People Say “I’ve referred several individuals for counseling and all have conveyed über satisfaction with the approach and treatment. Their balanced style of professional and personal position them to influence people towards health and wholeness. If you are looking for a safe and competent healthcare provider, Mind and Body Christian is the place to go.” -Andy Smith Campus Pastor of Influencers Church in Kennesaw

What People Say “If you are considering working with Brittany or her colleagues at Mind & Body Christian, I highly recommend you make an appointment and meet with them right away. You will be blessed and thrilled that you did (and missing out if you don’t!). Thank you Brittany and Brandon for being a blessing in my life!” -Selene B. Client since 2016