Direct Primary Care

Do you take insurance?


We are a cash based practice that provides monthly ongoing primary care services. In other words, we provide virtually 24/7 access to your healthcare provider and do not charge based on fee for service. We best fit with high deductible insurance plans or healthcare sharing ministries for catastrophic incidents. This allows you to use your insurance plan for what it is intended to be: insurance for unforeseen events.

Will I be charged a fee for office visits?

No. Office visits are included as are some minor procedures and annual labs. You will only pay a fee if we need to send off labs to be analyzed by a third party or a procedure is done that requires specific and limited in office supplies. However, even with these fees, they will be at wholesale cost rather than retail cost. Remember, our goal is to save you money AND give you high quality care, so this is one way we can do that and pass along the savings.

Are there any prescription discounts?

Yes. Again, we want to save you money. So, if you and your doctor determine that the best course of action for your care is for medication, we will connect you with that prescription at wholesale cost either through our in-house dispensary or our third party partnerships.

Is the doctor actually available all the time? What about home visits?

The doctor is only taking on a patient panel of 700 patients. This will allow the doctor to return phone calls within a few hours the same day, answer urgent calls overnight and over the weekend, and return emails and text messages by the next business day. The doctor should also have same or next day appointment availability. And while home visits are not a usual and customary practice, if the doctor finds it necessary to see you in person at home, she can do so. We also have video interface capability for virtual appointments.

What are the fees for membership?

We have membership options that vary based on your needs to include month-to-month, 6 month membership, 12 month membership, and 18 month memberships.

Enrollment fees range from $100-249 per person.

Monthly membership fees begin at $79 per month.

Discounts for couples and families are available.

Sliding scale options for those that need help financially are available as well and require a separate application.


How long is a membership for?

Membership plans vary. We have month to month options, 6 month memberships, 12 month memberships, and 18 month memberships. All membership plans automatically renew on a monthly basis once the initial period has ended–but you get to keep the rate you signed up for!

We bill AFTER the month of service, so each monthly fee is for the previous month.

Should you ever wish to cancel, you would need to send in writing notice to our medical office assistant.


Can I cancel anytime?


A patient may cancel their membership in writing at any time and would pay any remaining fees according to their membership agreement for the 6, 12, and 18 month plans.

Please note that upon cancelling, there will be ONE MORE final bill to pay for the current month of service. We bill AFTER the month of service–and not for the upcoming month.

If you cancel your membership and wish to reinstate later, a new enrollment fee will be charged.

We do this to protect our doctor’s patient panel size in order to continue offering excellent care at an affordable price for all of our patients.



Do you take insurance?


Counseling: YES! We also able to work with insurance providers as out of network providers by verifying your benefits prior to your first visit. We submit all claims and necessary paperwork for you. You receive a check in the mail based off your particular plan.

How many sessions will I need?

During your initial visit, your therapist will discuss a plan for treatment to accomplish your goals as well as send a treatment plan to you by email for your reference.

Are sessions confidential?

Yes. As professionals, we abide by a code of ethics. Your sessions are considered confidential unless child abuse or intent to harm yourself or another individual comes up during your session. Apart from the aforementioned situtions, any request for information about your sessions will require your authorization for release.

What kinds of issues do people seek therapy for?

People seek counseling depending on their life situations. A short list of issues are marriage and family relationships, PTSD (especially in veterans), addictions, realizing life goals or making difficult decisions, depression, anxiety, processing various types of trauma including abuse and sexual assault. Additionally, a counselor can also perform pre-marital and career counseling.

What are session fees for counseling?


We have simplified our pricing to fit most people’s busy schedules and budgets.Please see our pricing page for more information

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What does LPC, LMFT, LCSW and LMSW stand for?


LPC stands for Licensed Professional Counselor. LMFT stands for Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. LCSW stands for Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

LMSW stands for Licensed Master Social Worker.

To be licensed means that these therapists went through an education process, a licensing exam, and gained approval from the state of Georgia to be called a licensed professional in their field.

How is being a Christian therapist different from other therapists?

While the therapists in this group are openly Christian, we do not pressure any client to include Christian views into their sessions if they are uncomfortable with doing so or are not Christians. However, by integrating Christian beliefs, we can serve our Christian clients from a holistic perspective by including their worldviews. Sessions may start with prayer and include scripture, but clients are allowed to take the lead in how much or how little they want to include their faith.