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In January 2015, Mind & Body Christian Health Group was created by husband and wife team, Brandon and Brittany Browne. The practice has grown by being mindful of the people it serves, integrating healthcare providers, and providing a peaceful environment.

  • Focusing on our customer service
  • Choosing the best fitting research-based treatments and care
  • Providing an affordable price tag to all of our services
  • Integrating care between mental health therapists and the medical team
  • Offering a safe and well-rounded place for ketamine therapy

WHY CHOOSE US We’ll Keep You Healthy With


We make it our goal to respond quickly to you when you reach out. We want to lessen your stress about seeking healthcare services, and we do that by fast responses. We offer same or next day appointments as well as phone consultations to make sure your concerns are addressed quickly.


We want everyone to have access to the care they need at our practice. We have taken a lot of time to make a simple pricing system that is easy to understand and gives you the amount of care you need based on your budget. We also work with community partners for any gaps there might be.


Each person has a unique background, belief system, and current life situation. So whether you want to vaccinate or not vaccinate, or whether you are heterosexual or part of the LGBTQ+ community, or whether you want to incorporate faith or keep faith separate, we just simply want to care for you.

Our Process How Are We Doing?


80% of all healthcare needs can be covered by a primary care provider when available


20% average healthcare savings using our membership services


62% success rate of combined primary care and mental health treatments

TESTIMONIALS What Our Client Says


Sabrina Z. Mrs. Georgia America 2019

I love this business!!! Health is a balance between physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, occupational, social and financial areas of life! Mind & Body Christian Health Group truly seeks to help balance many of these areas in your... Read More


Selene B. Client since 2016

If you are considering working with Brittany or her colleagues at Mind & Body Christian, I highly recommend you make an appointment and meet with them right away. You will be blessed and thrilled that you did... Read More


Andy Smith Campus Pastor of Influencers Church in Kennesaw

I’ve referred several individuals for counseling and all have conveyed über satisfaction with the approach and treatment. Their balanced style of professional and personal position them to influence people towards health and wholeness. If you are looking... Read More


We are always open to partnering with healthcare professionals looking to join a team that

  • cares about the WHO and the WHY over the WHAT and the HOW,
  • is willing to collaborate in a diverse setting, and
  • has a strong moral character.

We love to be creative in accomplishing our mission, so if you don’t see your field or specialty listed in our current openings, please still contact us so we can open up a dialog.


FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

For mental health services, we accept most insurance as out-of-network providers when a diagnosis like anxiety, depression, or others can be applied to observed symptoms. Insurance plans unfortunately do not cover relationship counseling for marriages and families.

For primary care services, we believe our membership model will save you WAY more by joining as a monthly member than by using your insurance plan. Let us show you how.

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