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PERSONALITY TESTINGGod made you with a set of unique character traits. Are you introverted or extroverted? Do you prefer working with people or working on tasks? Are you high energy or easy going? Do you operate with fine details or would you rather see the big picture? Knowing the answers to all of these questions and others gives you a better idea of WHO you were made to be and can aid your decision to pursue one career over another.

TALENTSGod also gave you a set of giftings. You can think of these as areas of life that feel natural for and come easily to you. For some, computer coding is easy and just makes sense. For others, speaking in front of large crowds is like breathing air. And still for another group, teaching a subject is in just in their blood. You can have multiple talents, and these were given to you to be used for His kingdom. When you are able to identify your talents, then you also area able to gain a clearer picture for your purpose.

SKILLSSkills are different from talents because they are areas of life that indicate learning and experience. You may have learned skills in an area where you are not naturally gifted--and in general, these drain your energy. However, when you learn skills that are paired with your talents, you may feel a burst of energy. Talents are generally foundational for your skillset to be built upon. So while speaking in front of a large crowd is easy for you, learning skills to make your presentations more impactful are built upon that initial talent. Or let's take computer coding. Understanding the code may be easy, but using the code to create something useful is a skill that comes with time and practice.

OPPORTUNITIESYour current relationships impact your career decisions because they open opportunities for you. Do you know people in the industry of interest? Are you aware of businesses in the community that may be able to offer you an internship? Is there somewhere that you can work now to gain more experience?

EDUCATIONYou may need a college degree, a certification, a license, or none of the above. Figuring out the education path toward your desired industry will impact the when and how of your career choices.

WISDOMGod's word says that He will give us wisdom if we ask Him for it. He gives it by His word, the impressions from the Holy Spirit within us, and through other mature believers whether as peers or mentors. Often, identifying someone as a mentor can be particularly helpful when making decisions that impact our future.

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