Counseling Pricing

Straight Forward Pricing

For Counseling

We wanted to make sure that it was clear and simple to know what to expect.

We have come up with 2 options that work with your busy schedule and the amount you want to budget toward counseling.

Both options can be submitted to your insurance plan

Insurance prices are subject to your specific plan, which our insurance specialist will verify for you before your first session. Thankfully, during COVID-19, most insurance plans are paying the full amount on your behalf through June 2020! Call us if you think you might be eligible through your insurance plan for $0 copay sessions. *Please note that most insurances approve 45 minute sessions only*

40-45 Minute Session

  • This is considered the sweet spot for counseling sessions and most insurance companies will reimburse for this session length.

55-60 minute session

  • This session length packs a powerful punch to whatever you are facing. We recommend starting here.