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Imagine all-inclusive primary care

Using a medical membership model called Direct Primary Care, we can provide affordable ongoing primary care services to you and your family. If you need medical attention or you simply have a health question–even on the weekend–our doctor is available to you! It’s like having a doctor in the family!

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is healthcare simplified. With full price transparency, more access to your doctor, and removing the middle man (insurance) from your care, our healthcare providers can thoroughly assess, counsel, treat, diagnose, and make recommendations for a better, healthier lifestyle. In sum, they can actually be YOUR doctor.

DPC doctors take on a limited patient panel. At our practice, the patient panel is capped at 700. The average physician has 2,300 patients! A study has shown that in order for a doctor to care for a 2,300 patient panel thoroughly, they would have to be seeing patients 21.4 hours every day of the week! So, a smaller patient load translates to better care.

How can we afford to do this? Well, we are cash-based and do not accept insurance. Instead of insurance, we charge a monthly membership fee for ongoing primary care services. This helps to lower the overhead, which allows us to make our prices affordable. We also transfer even more savings to our patients by providing wholesale prescriptions, labs, and diagnostic testing either in house or by partnering with other medical companies. See this price comparison chart for some examples.

You said that I have more access to my doctor. What do you mean? Because the patient panel is smaller, our doctors can spend 30-60 minutes with each patient and offer same day or next day appointments! They are able to communicate directly with patients rather than hiring a nurse to field calls on a nurse’s line. Patients have a direct phone number to call or text the doctor with heath related questions, and if you don’t have enough time or don’t feel well enough to get to the office, we can schedule a video appointment, too!

Do I need insurance then? We are not a replacement for insurance plans, and we pair best with either high-deductible (bronze level) plans or healthcare sharing ministries. We also accept patients without insurance.

Direct Primary Care

Request a Consultation

Please give us as much detail about your psychological testing needs. Our receptionist will call to go over any initial questions you may have and to schedule a time for you to speak with Dr. Marshall for 15 minutes regarding the type and amount of testing needed.