Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine

At Mind & Body Christian Health Group, we make functional medicine affordable while remaining personal.

We believe that each person’s body is unique and has unique needs, which requires individualized medical attention. We approach health as the ability to live life energetically. Health is not just the absence of disease, but it is freedom from pain and the body working harmoniously with itself through a balanced biochemistry.

We Help Your Body Function Better By

Making it Affordable


According to Rupa Health, the MINIMUM price on average with most functional medicine doctors is nearly $1,300 and can be over $4,500 JUST TO GET STARTED! On average, these doctors only spend a total of 146 minutes with their patients. Not enough time!

At Mind & Body Christian Health Group, we have simplified pricing and increased the value of your dollar:

-$100 enrollment fee
-$80 per month
-Wholesaled labs and supplements
-30-60 minute appointments with NO additional office visit fees.
-Same or next day appointments are frequently an option
-Virtual and in person appointments
-Our doctor and nurse practitioner can also be your primary care provider for any illness or injuries
-Discounts on other services in house and local to the Kennesaw area.

Get more time with the experts while improving your quality of life for a fraction of the price!

Specialized Labs

Functional medicine uses conventional labs as well as specialized labs, especially in the function of the gut.

Testing is for

  • food sensitivities
  • the status of the gut microbiome
  • nutrient levels
  • amino acid levels
  • neurotransmitter levels for anxiety, depression, or sleep disorders
  • genetic testing
    Labs are chosen based off the presenting needs of the patient.
Medical Partnership

You and Your Provider make decisions about Your health TOGETHER.

The relationship between the patient and the physician is very important in functional medicine because the two work together to look at the way the individual’s body works together. Discussing lifestyle choices as well as environmental exposures play a role in the assessment and definition of the patient’s unique level of health. Every aspect of the patient’s life is taken into account.


Custom Treatment Plans

You are unique. Let our providers make a unique plan for you!

After a thorough assessment has been done, the lab results have returned, and any other initial observations have been made, the patient and doctor work together to determine the appropriate course forward.

Does the diet need to be altered?

Would a supplement be beneficial?

Is there a behavior change needed?

Each person’s treatment protocol is unique to them, but always aiming at optimal health.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is functional medicine different from integrative medicine?

While they are very similar in that they both look at the whole person and seek to find the root causes to disease or dysfunction, integrative medicine is typically focused on lifestyle choices, approaching the person from a mental, physical, and spiritual viewpoint. Functional medicine incorporates integrative medicine’s philosophy while also adding a medical evidence based approach by looking into genetics and how the body is responding to the environment in which it lives through specialized labs. We, as Mind & Body Christian Health Group, are an integrated practice by offering different therapies and treatments for your health, but the medical department is the team that will address functional medicine needs.

Q: Is there an additional cost for functional medicine?

Our prices remain the same whether you choose a conventional approach or a functional medicine approach. We do highly recommend that our patients become members if they would like to incorporate functional medicine because it saves the most money through wholesale labs, no office visit fees, and wholesale supplements if needed.

When you are tempted to give up, your breakthrough is probably just around the corner. -Joyce Meyer