Five Things Nobody Ever Told You About Brushing Your Teeth

Five-Things-Nobody-Ever-Told-You-About-Brushing-Your-Teeth September 24, 2018

Five Things Nobody Ever Told You About Brushing Your Teeth

Not All Products Are Created Equal

Did you know that your toothpaste may be causing more harm than good? Certain ingredients added to the product, like Calcium Carbonate, are used to remove unwanted stains, discoloration and dislodge food that has become stuck in the gum line. However, these additives can damage sensitive teeth and cause swelling in the gum line. Finding a toothpaste that works with your child's unique biological makeup is of the utmost importance. If your child has sensitive teeth, beware!


As mothers of young children, we often have to persuade our kids into brushing their teeth before heading off to bed. Even more troubling is the fact that our children rarely pay attention to their brushing technique while standing in front of the mirror. According to popular findings, circular motions prove the best in removing food particles and eliminating bacteria from the gum line!

Children's Dental Care: Implementation of Rewards

According to the Department of Experimental and Applied Psychology, a reward system can significantly impact the behavior of individuals during times of transition. As mothers, we can apply this same technique to ingrain proper dental habits into our children's lives. Instead of making our children loathe over the idea of brushing their teeth, reward them for their efforts! A cheap toy, time to relax, time spent playing a video game and enjoying their friends are excellent motivators for young people.

Professional Cleaning

An excellent way to ensure the integrity of your child's smile, and save hard-earned money in the long run, is to schedule frequent cleanings. According to one article from Huffington Post, a professional cleaning can eliminate bacteria from the gums, prevent cavities in the long term, create a radiant smile and remove bad breath from your child. As a rule of thumb, mothers are advised to take their children for consultation at least twice a year for optimal oral health.

The Surprising Benefits of Flossing

Although having food stuck in your teeth is never fun, did you know that flossing can improve the health of your heart? According to an article published on WebMD, regular flossing can reduce gum inflammation and negate the chance of having a heart attack or stroke. Having our children develop the habit of flossing at an early age can greatly influence their heart health and lower the risk of heart disease in their adult years.

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