Brittany Browne, MS, LMT, CPT

Brittany Browne, MS, LMT, CPT

Executive Director, Licensed Massage Therapist

Brittany is currently Mrs. Kennesaw and will be competing in the upcoming Mrs. Georgia America Pageant in August 2021. Brittany earned a Bachelor’s degree from Georgia Southern University double majoring in English and Spanish and a Master’s in International Affairs from Georgia Institute of Technology.

She has had a heart for people becoming followers of Christ since she was a young girl, 25 years ago. As a result, she has heard the call of God to be an expander of His kingdom for the same amount of time. She loves learning and building systems as evidenced by the websites she created at 9 years old and the social organization she formed for young women who experienced sexual trauma. Foreign culture fascinates her, and she is a social magnet for foreigners as friends. She is creative and artistic while also logical and conscientious.

She has been fashioned to push the boundaries and vision further, to genuinely and deeply love others, and to empower those she leads to accomplish the plan. She is much like a hybrid between an architect and structural engineer, seeing the beauty as well as the necessary pieces to form the building. She is optimistic and hopes in an eternal future far greater than she could ever imagine.

Brittany Browne is a Licensed Massage Therapist (MT009630) and a Certified Personal Trainer. She is a member of Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals. She has been providing massage therapy professionally since 2013. Brittany specializes in helping athletes perform better, improving circulation and muscle tone, and assisting people with acute and chronic pain. Brittany has successfully helped ex-NFL athletes, Crossfit coaches and their members, as well as chiropractors, doctors and their patients through therapy sessions. She enjoys orthopedic and medical massage because of the freedom people can regain!

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