5 Ways to Retrain Your Brain For Weight Loss

5 Ways to Retrain Your Brain For Weight Loss

To anyone struggling with weight loss, the phrase ‘eat less, exercise more’ can be quite infuriating. You may be doing everything right following the perfect plan yet not seeing results at least not permanently. Well, you know what’s missing? The power of your brain! This magnificent organ needs to be on the same page as your body in order see lasting progress. Discussed below are several ways you can train your brain to work with you and not against you.

Abandon the Scale Obsession

Being obsessed with the numbers on the scale is a recipe for disaster. Weigh-ins should be reasonable for you to measure your progress. If you weigh daily, try and change it to a weekly or bi-monthly basis. Never let the scale control you. Always remember, the number on the scale is not reflective of your hard work and true progress.

Change Your Beliefs

You have probably heard various beliefs about food throughout your lifetime. Beliefs like being told to clear your plate even though you are full or maybe you heard one of your parents complain about going on a diet. Such statements can have a huge impact on your perception about weight loss. To correct this, throw out any statements that make you feel bad about yourself or guilty. Weight loss can only happen in a positive space and not revolve around self-loathe.

Consult with a Good Counselor or Therapist

Consulting with a third party with experience in assisting people and come to terms with their weight loss problems, can greatly improve your overall quality of life. Do your research properly before seeing any therapist. Make sure the one you settle for is perfect to meet your needs. You might discover your weight problems stem from things that happened in your past and this is where the counselor will help you find ways to cope with the underlying issues.

Remember Your Accomplishments

Try and focus on the positives and avoid the negatives. If you ate clean all day but forgot to work out, focus on eating clean and acknowledge that as a win. Studies have shown that if you focus more on your achievements rather than your failures, the outcome will be more positive.

Practice Learning and Adapting New Behavior Patterns

Your brain is naturally wired to adapt to new routines and patterns. As you repeat something, your brain will form neutral pathways and make connections with the activity, making it easier to repeat. Habits like brushing your teeth or drinking water regularly become a daily routine once you do them a few times. Try to avoid developing unhealthy habits like consuming unhealthy foods and binging on processed snacks. This is because just like good habits, the bad ones will also stick with you.

Weight loss should not be such a hard task. Remember it is all in the attitude and willingness to change. Visualize yourself being healthy and work toward that goal with a positive mindset. Make sure you consult with a counselor who will help you make sound health and lifestyle changes that will impact your life positively.