Pre-Marital Counseling With A Christian Approach

Pre-Marital-Counseling-With-A-Christian-Approach November 5, 2023

Pre-Marital Counseling With A Christian Approach

One has to wonder, if more couples sought pre-marital counseling before they tied the knot, might our country's divorce rate be lower? This is something that numerous Christian couples do before they get married so that they can, through their marriage, glorify God. Of course, it also assists in the setting of expectations that are reasonable.

How a church approaches pre-marital counseling varies from church to church. Here’s an example: a class with an established curriculum, attended by numerous couples, may be offered at a large church. However, a couple may receive direct premarital counseling by meeting personally with the pastor at a small church.

How Are Couples Assisted by Christian Pre-Marital Counseling?

There are any number of reasons for premarital counseling, some of which can include the following handful:

  • It better prepares the couple for more than just the wedding day. It prepares them for the entire marriage.
  • It helps the couple be aware of temptations and how to resist them.
  • It examines the relationship and points out areas that could be of concern.
  • It helps develop a dialogue between the members of the marrying couple.
  • It helps to build a biblical, solid foundation for marriage.

Talk It Over

One of the most important parts of receiving the kind of counseling referred to here is to open up lines of communication regarding the upcoming nuptials. Most couples experience common problems throughout their marriage. Certain weaknesses and strengths, and each person, require a specific approach. Each individual's history and faith will be explored during counseling. This helps the couple to take a closer look at personal expectations and convictions for their years to come and any responsibilities that they may have.

But most of all, the purpose of premarital counseling is to help create a marriage that is God honoring and biblical.

Premarital Counseling By “The Book”

In order to help the couple approach their marriage with the right heart and mind set, premarital counseling will examine the weaknesses and strengths of each person. It will help the couple look at how to encounter concerns, struggles and obstacles, how to enhance their faith, and how to model their marriage.

During Christian pre-marital counseling, the Bible will also be studied. In Genesis 2: 18-24, for instance, the basics of marriage are examined. Reference to the ‘two becoming one flesh’ is made in Genesis and Ephesians 5: 21-31.

Certain theologies will be discussed as well including the theology of sex, the theology of communication, and "a theology of everything else". That last one can include children, forgiveness, money, love, and more.

Having Professionals Assist You With Pre-Marital Counseling

The specialists at Mind and Body Christian Health Group know that, as wonderful as marriage is, it is not without its struggles on occasion. There are many obstacles that can arise to thwart what could be a happy and loving relationship. But faith can see a couple through the worst of times. Walking into a marriage with eyes wide open helps set a basis and a foundation for a happy, strong, long marriage.

With the help of our professionals, you and your spouse (and your family) can receive the counseling you need from a spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical perspective. For the ongoing needs of our clientele, we have developed a proven series of solutions. You can be on a path toward a healthy, God-serving marriage with top-notch counseling from our team.

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